Certificate_for_RFYeager_Engineering_LLCThis is Who We Are

RFYeager Engineering is a DVBE/SBE, SLBE, and SCOOP Certified Corrosion Engineering firm.  We have built strong relationships with most of our local public agencies and municipalities.  We truly believe that Customer and Owner satisfaction is the method in which to measure a project’s success and we pride ourselves on being responsive to our Clients needs.

Although our firm is considered a Small Business Enterprise, we feel that this gives us an advantage over our competitors.  We can offer a quality product, with personalized service, at a competitive rate.  We have the appropriate Professional, General, Worker’s Comp, and Commercial Auto Insurance required by most public agencies and can provide these certificates upon request.


This is What We Do
RFYeager Engineering specializes in Soil Corrosivity Assessments, Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection Designs, Corrosion Surveys, Corrosion Assessments, , Activations, and Testing.  All work is conducted under the direct supervision of a National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE Int’l) Certified Cathodic Protection Specialist or Registered Professional Corrosion Engineer.  These Certifications are required by many public agencies and assure that qualified and trained personnel conduct corrosion control designs, inspections, and testing.